Tree removal Farnham, surrey, a31

IMG_3864Some local work we carried out removing dangerous trees marked by highways Hampshire to our client. We had a tempory road closure and traffic lights to carry out the job over a couple of days. We sadly had to also remove two dead elms hiding away between some oaks on this job unfortunately Dutch elm disease got there! IMG_3861

Windblown trees in Hampshire




Some windblown trees we did last year. As you can see these
Conifer caused a huge amount of damgage for the client and they couldn’t even move there cars until we had cleared the way.

Dangerous Eucalyptus removal nr Greyshot


This eucalyptus tree was dismantled over the clients house and decking. The main problem with the tree apart from being very thin was at an early age it had wire wrapped around the stem which eventually started to effect the cambium layer (outside) of the stem. This is the living part of the tree so make sure you think about tying anything around the stem! Above all else the tree was heavily forward leaning and showed signs of root lift from previous high winds. We dismantled the tree with a pulley block and rigging line and the image above was after the top was lowered down.


Another repeat customer in Yately today 😊 was almost exactly a year ago we were here can’t believe how quickly that has gone! Even stranger is we had exactly the same weather of thunder and hail stones to get us through the job but when completed we finished with sunshine!

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Meripilus giganteus

imageWe are seeing a lot of beech trees failing from meripilus. This parasitic white rot disease will weaken the roots causing a high chance of wind throw. Most commonly found on beech it’s also seen on birch, oak, london plane and Norway spruce. Please look out for the large brackets earning it the nickname giant polypore ! that grow on the roots of the tree oftern away from the stem and you can also look out for a thin crown and a lack of foliage which will get worse as disease progresses.if you have any queries or are concerned please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Stump grinding Finchampstead

Today we are enjoying the sun ! And also removing 30 Scots pine stumps with the stump grinder from a clear fell site ready for raking the site with an 8t excavator in preperation for planting. We take on any stump removal jobs large or small.

Landscaping and Creating a blank canvas

We took on an extra job carrying on from planting and staking trees to removing the clients unused veg beds and gravel path creating a blank canvas to be grassed. All that was left is for the client to grass seed therefore creating easy garden maintenance for the future. Fruit trees surrounding the beds were also pruned and balanced. FullSizeRender (11)

We have been busy planting!

Planting is as important to us as any other part of aboriculture and to us is very enjoyable. We have been planting 10ft standard beech, hornbeam, silver birch, Himalayan birch and different hybrids of hawthorn and apples. There was a total of 35 trees to plant and due to our clients site being very open we had to double stake the trees with a cross bar using rainbow tape as the tie. Also used on this job was Mr muck sterilized compost and root grow as a source of michrorizal fungi. Planting was completed today with some basic groundwork’s to finish tomorrow. Watch this space for our tips on tree planting and some of the most common mistakes when staking and planting.FullSizeRender (9)FullSizeRender (8)FullSizeRender (7)FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (10)